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14 Vintage-Inspired Looks That Are Perfect For Every Body

Nothing beats looking like a time-traveling babe.

1. Fashion trends come and go, but certain classics always stick around.

Courtesy of Curves to Kill / Via

Get this dress to impress here.

2. Fabrics, patterns, and shapes can come in and out of style.

Courtesy of ed in Cat Hair / Via

Hi there, flirty '50s-inspired dress!

3. But there’s one thing that never changes.

4. The amazing, strong, beautiful women that wear the clothes.

5. So whether you're accentuating your waist in a flirty '50s print...

Courtesy of The Soubrette Brunette / Via

Get your own sassy skirt right here.

6. ...or looking drop-dead gorgeous in a classic '40s cocktail dress…

7. …or ready to stop traffic in a curve-hugging '30s number…

Courtesy of Chicago Chic Blog / Via

Make this classic dress yours here.

8. ...or even about to drop jaws in a glam Great Gatsby-inspired ensemble…

9. thing remains true.

Courtesy of Mermaidens / Via

Yes, you can grab this dress here.

10. The woman inside those clothes is incredible, inimitable...

11. ...stronger than you'll ever know...

12. ...marvelous, bodacious, just plain gorgeous...

13. ...tantalizing, awe-inspiring...

Courtesy of a Curious Fancy / Via

Be bold! Find this look here.

14. ...and always looks great in something that makes her feel beautiful!

Courtesy of Musings of a Curvy Lady / Via

Get this pop of color here to brighten up the mood!

Ready to commence with the time traveling? Check out Unique Vintage for these dresses and sooo much more.

Tantalized by the twenties? Thirsty for the thirties? Fiending for the forties? Got a fever for the fifties? Get lost in the past today.