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10 Things You'll Only Experience In Philadelphia

Because you can't get it anywhere else. Sure, every big metropolitan city has its quirks, but Uniqlo believes you have to be in Philly to experience any of these.

1. Addison Street is one of the prettiest streets in the entire country.

2. You can relive the events of Bastille Day at the Eastern State Penitentiary.

3. Speaking of the Eastern State Penitentiary, you can see the cell that once held Al Capone.

4. Boathouse Row is perhaps the best place for a sunset photo op in the Northeast.

5. If you're confident and proud of your body, the Naked Bike Ride might be right up your alley.

6. Nowhere else in the world will you order food with the words "one, whiz, with."

7. The quirkiest art museum ever happens to be the collection of a man who absolutely hated Philadelphia.

8. Phillies Stadium is the #1 vegetarian ballpark.

9. The Mutter Museum is weird, a littly spooky, but extremely fascinating.

10. If you love fine dining, there's no better place than Philadelphia.

And now you can experience Uniqlo.

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