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These Super Dads Are Winning At Life

To celebrate Father’s Day, here’s to all the super dads out there, making us laugh, love, dance… and cry.

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Like father like son dance moves

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Look at those moves! Stanley and Josiah, we salute you for your synchronised - and educational - dance routines!

Son, you don’t have to do this alone

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Chace, 3, has a rare congenital heart defect which means he must wear a feeding tube. His dad Robert manages his health and supports him in every way - even glueing on his own fake feeding tube.

Baby, you crack me up

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A laughing baby is a special kind of joy.

You do the keys, I got this dad…

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A star is born.

You don’t need super powers to be a super dad

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When children positively interact with their fathers they have better mental health and self-esteem. The early years are particularly important as your child’s brain develops at a once in a lifetime speed during their first 3 years. Early moments matter - and they build brain matter. How? Just Eat, Play, Love... not the Julia Roberts movie, but your super dad mantra: Give good food to your little ones, love them and play with them to quite literally build their brains.

55% of young children in 74 countries don’t get to play with their fathers or do things like reading, counting and drawing with them. Help us break down the barriers that prevent fathers from doing this by joining our super dads campaign and raising awareness about the important role dads play. Share a super dad moment on Twitter or Instagram with #EarlyMomentsMatter - and vote for your favourites.

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