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    3 Easy Steps To Save Our Planet TODAY

    Earth Day should be EVERY DAY. Some people think you need a science degree to address climate change, but it takes someone like YOU. No matter who we are, we can all help save the future of our planet by taking small simple actions. Not convinced or not sure where to start? Check out this quick and easy guide that can help you begin taking action today.

    Step 1: Think

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    Take a moment to think about what small actions you can take to make a greener world. Some actions only need to happen once, like moving your refrigerator away from the stove, replacing your incandescent light bulb with a fluorescent one, or planting a tree. Some actions require changing your daily behaviours, such as recycling, unplugging unused appliances, composting kitchen scraps and bicycling or walking to work. Write down 1-3 actions that seem the easiest for you to commit to. Having trouble coming up with ideas? See a list of them here.

    Step 2: Act

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    Once you have decided what exactly you are going to do - go ahead and start protecting our future! Okay, so it’s not that easy! For many of us, probably all of us, making these changes might be a bit difficult. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

    * Start with only a few simple actions. Over time, even one can make a significant difference!

    * Set a goal and end it with a reward. For example, if you meet your goal of walking to work 3 days a week for 3 weeks, reward yourself with your favourite treat!

    * For one-time activities, set a specific date to complete it.

    * For daily activities, set a daily reminder by using an alarm, putting it in your planner, or placing a sticky note on your door.

    * Tell your family, friends and co-workers so they can hold you accountable.

    * Get your friends to join you. You can even start a competition to see who meets their goal first.

    * Don’t stress. It can be hard changing habits and trying something new, so if you forgot to turn off the light, air dry your clothes, or go to a tree planting event, you can always do it next time!

    Step 3: Repeat

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    When you’ve met your goals, what more can you do? Well if you are happy with your current actions then keep going! But maybe you want to make your goals more challenging, like walking to work 5 days a week instead of 3. Or maybe you want to try something new that takes a bit more work like writing a blog, starting an environmental club at your school, starting an online petition, organizing or joining a park/beach/river clean up or volunteering for an organization. No matter what you do, keep taking action!

    BONUS Inspiration!

    So now that you have gone through each of these three steps, you have officially become a Climate Champion, a Planet Protector, an Environmental Advocate! Who knew that by taking simple actions - like picking up litter or turning off unused lights - you could save the world?

    Do you feel like you need some inspiration to get you started? Here are young people from around the world that are taking simple actions to combat climate change:

    Kelepi, 18, Australia

    Hop on a bike and start riding down your carbon emissions.

    Adaora, 19, Nigeria

    I make it habit to turn off lights and devices whenever not in use.

    Monica, 18, Mexico

    When I take a shower, I turn off the shower while I wash my hair to save water and I do the same while brushing my teeth.

    Joanna, 25, Philippines

    I always bring with me a reusable water bottle and reuse straws.

    Khishigjargal, 22, Mongolia

    It is our responsibility to think about where our food comes from, where it goes, and what we can do to make sure we do not waste precious resources.

    Katharine, 21, England

    I try to reuse items such as jars and containers as often as possible...turning a sauce jar into a plant pot not only saves on waste but also gives me a great new addition to my room!

    Darshatha, 23, Sri Lanka

    I personally try to avoid polythene much as possible and use reusable cloth bags for shopping purposes.

    Leah, 22, United States

    I carpool with friends and use public transportation where possible.

    Yifei, 16, United States

    Sorting your trash out between recyclables and non recyclables is an action you can take to simply address climate change every day.

    Caroline, 23, Kenya

    I pick up litter on the ground as I walk along the Nairobi streets and throw it in the appropriate bin.

    Rim, 25, Tunisia

    Protecting the environment is as simple as not throwing away gum on the ground.

    Mwaniki, 20, Kenya

    I bombarded the suggestion box right next to the principal’s office with little notes on getting bins. Slowly, moderately-sized blue steel contraptions began popping up around the compound.

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