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10 Times We've All Been A Little Creepy About Our Ex

We've all been there, right? To see what a truly horrifying ex is like, check out Unforgettable in theaters April 21!

We get it: Moving on can be hard. And sometimes a bad breakup can make us act...a little out of character.

1. We keep tabs on every new pic posted by our ex.

2. And maybe we still tag them in old photos.

3. Sometimes we lie awake at night thinking about how we can "accidentally" bump into them.

4. And we usually find a way.

5. We basically know their location at all times.

6. We send them little gifts so they don't forget about us...

7. ...and drive by their house every once in a while.

8. Who wouldn't try to befriend their ex's new boo with the hopes of sabotaging their relationship?

9. Or hack into their ex's phone?

10. Or frame their ex's new squeeze for murder?

Katherine Heigl will show you what a true nightmare ex is like in the new thriller Unforgettable, in theaters April 21!

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