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12 Reasons Bridgit Mendler Is The Opposite Of "Undateable"

<3 <3 <3. Bridgit Mendler's joining the cast of Undateable -- premiering Tuesday, March 17, only on NBC!

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1. Not only is Bridgit a totally talented singer...

2. ...she's totally beautiful too.

3. Even as a kid she was adorable!

4. Bridgit appreciates fine dining...

5. ...and is never cheesy when it comes to fashion.

6. She plays board games! With her family!

7. Her dance moves are ON POINT...

8. ...and she's the perfect karaoke partner.

After all, how many people can pick out a song THAT THEY WROTE AND RECORDED?

9. And anyone who's this nice to their roommate is a keeper:

10. Bridgit's got a big heart -- she's always helping others.

11. And dogs love her -- that's always a plus!

12. Plus, anyone who rocks a onesie might just be The One.

Sorry, Bridgit -- we might have to disagree with you on this one:

Catch Bridgit in the new season of Undateable, premiering Tuesday, March 17, only on NBC!

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