11 Ways To Make Your Holiday Photos Amazing This Year

Bad holiday photos have a way of coming back to haunt you. But worry not — we have some tips to always get a great shot. Always look photo-ready when you shop at ULTA Beauty.

There are a few things to remember when taking your holiday photos, whether silly:

Jason Verschoor / Getty Images

1. Use the soft radiance from Christmas lights for a flattering glow.

2. Or wrap yourself up in them for an all-over glow!

Scrooged / Paramount Pictures / Via muver54.tumblr.com

3. Plan ahead and coordinate matching outfits (holiday sweaters a must, of course.)

4. Don’t be afraid to go nuts with the festive accessories.

5. Grab your brightest red lipstick and work that smile.

6. Or try a group dance for a fun action shot.

Lara Robles / CC / Via youtube.com

7. Prepare some festive treats for the shoot; they make great (tasty) props.

8. And invite the pets to participate; they’re part of the family after all!

ChristmasCats.tv / Katie Notopolous / BuzzFeed

9. Practice the perfect surprised face for when you open your gifts…

JACKiiEEx13 / CC / Via youtube.com

10. …or get creative with props you have laying around the house!

11. And remember: the more the merrier!

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