10 Beauty Tips To Look Your Freshest During The Holidays

The holidays can be tiring, but that doesn’t mean you have to look tired. Test out these tried-and-true beauty tips for looking fresh, no matter how late you stayed up last night. And get all your holiday beauty needs at ULTA Beauty.

1. If you wake up looking tired, de-puff your eyes with a caffeine-based eye cream:

If dark circles are your problem area, a moisturizing avocado-based cream will lighten them right up!

2. Stay hydrated inside:

The more water you drink, the more you’ll flush out all the bad stuff that’s making your skin look dull and puffy.

3. And out:

Komik Videolar / CC BY / Via youtube.com

A daily moisturizer that contains sunscreen, or a lightly tinted BB cream, is the first step to a fresh, natural glow.

4. Try a wet-to-dry powder liner for extra staying power during those long holiday parties:

Plus, those little flat brushes make applying your eyeliner’s shape a lot easier than a runny liquid liner.

5. Always have eyedrops on hand to keep your eyes looking bright:

When you’re truly tired, the whites of your eyes can look red and dull. A few eyedrops will perk them right up!

6. Use a light shimmery shadow to brighten up your eyes:

The little bits of glitter will catch the light and illuminate your face.

7. Dab, don’t swipe on your concealer for a more natural look:

It’ll blend better and won’t have that cakey, cracked look a heavy application of concealer can sometimes have.

8. If you’re feeling blah, apply a bold lip to put the spotlight on your smile:

A matte red lip is flattering on everyone and will draw people’s attention to it, making you feel fabulous.

9. Dab a little white shadow in the inner corner of your eyes to make them pop:

You can also apply a light dusting of shimmering white shadow to your cheekbones to catch the light and accentuate your face’s bone structure.

10. And when you have time for nothing else — mascara is all you need:

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