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    How Kayvon Kay Became Known To Be The One Call Closer

    What is your backstory?

    I grew up in a very small steel town in Canada, where everyone was a factory worker, unless they were the town Doctor or the town Lawyer. The school system in this town completely failed me. Instead of encouraging me to succeed, teachers doubted me, belittled me, and gave up on me. As early as Grade 1, I had been labeled with learning conditions such as ADD and LLD. I was belittled and bullied; not just by the kids, but also by the parents and teachers.

    The lack of support continued when I was in University. At the age of 19, I met with the Head of Special Resources, who concluded that I was best suited for a simple factory job and that I wouldn’t make it in a professional career. Being told I was only good enough for factory work was the exact type of derogatory comment I was used to hearing for nearly two decades. I was starting to believe that I should just surrender to my seemingly inevitable defeat. What drove me to push forward was a near-death experience, because I truly felt that it was a miracle I’d survived, and I took it as a sign that my life is worth fighting for.

    I was kidnapped in a third world country at the age of 19, and held hostage with a gun to my head. I was just one trigger pull away from having my head blown off. This was the third time in my life that I had survived a near-death experience. In Grade 1, I broke my skull in a bike accident; and in Grade 6, I flew through the front windshield of a car during a horrific car crash. After surviving the third near-death experience, I recognized something very important: I was meant for something greater, and meant to become someone of significance.

    I realized it didn’t matter what my teachers or peers said about me. Even if it was true that I was a little academically inept, it wouldn’t affect my future success. Sales, for example, simply requires a natural gift. It’s a form of artistry. Academic aptitude isn’t required to be a great salesperson.

    I had always gravitated towards sales because it was clear that I had a natural talent for it. My first job as a child was as a salesman at my Uncle’s furniture shop. I watched my gifted Uncle close sales, and I became a great closer myself. Later in life, I worked with real estate agents and mortgage brokers, which further developed my sales skills. When I entered adulthood, my first corporate career was working for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. There, I grew to be the #1 sales representative in the entire country.

    Being their top sales rep meant that at age 31, I was earning $200,000 - $250,000 per year working just one day per week. I know it sounds fantastic, but I was miserable. To exist at the level I wanted to exist at, in a city as expensive as Vancouver, I’d have to be earning at least three times that amount - and I also didn’t want to work for someone else. I didn’t want to build someone else’s dream.

    I knew I wanted to be my own boss and build something on my own. I tried to keep my pharmaceutical job and simultaneously pursue other entrepreneurial endeavors, but having that hefty paycheck from my corporate job to fall back on resulted in a lack of entrepreneurial self-motivation. Any time things got uncomfortable or difficult on the entrepreneur side, I’d give up instead of following through on projects. This was because I had what most aspiring entrepreneurs don’t have: a six figure income to fall back on. I realized that if I was ever going to level up, I had to risk everything and go all in. I was single with no kids at the time, so I knew this was the right time to take such a risk. So, I did what most people would never do: I quit a six-figure income, comfortable job to pursue a challenging entrepreneurial path.

    Unfortunately, I dove into the internet marketing world, made some rookie mistakes, and failed. I soon found myself $150,000 in debt, in line at the bank to declare bankruptcy. I remember being in line thinking, is this it? Is it over for me? In that moment, I was lost, scared, broke, and broken. In that dark, terrifying and lonesome moment of my life, I almost accepted failure. I was on the brink of allowing everyone else’s pessimistic predictions of my future to come true. I felt hopeless, ashamed, and defeated in every way.

    It turned out, however, that I needed to hit rock bottom so that I could find the motivation to change my story. I chose not to accept defeat. I chose to take the other path; the one where I don’t give up on my dreams. I left that bankruptcy lineup, went home, and started thinking outside the box. I stopped looking at what people were doing, and started looking at what people weren’t doing. While researching where I could add value to the marketplace, I stumbled upon the captivating world of High-Ticket Closers. Within one month of entering this world of closing, I went from losing $25,000 per month to earning $25,000 - $50,000 per month.

    Through mentorship, I fell back into alignment with my core strengths and I found my better self again. I returned to the marketplace as someone who felt certain about his skills and truly believed in what he had to offer. This allowed me to enter the marketplace with raw strength, clarity and unwavering conviction. This time, the market took to my approach very readily; I quickly became one of the top closers in the high-ticket space over the phone; and soon the media would call me ‘The One Call Closer’.

    My business partner and I created a coaching program that went from $0 to $9 million in revenue in less than 10 months. I recently left that partnership to focus on building a business on my own, and I’m now building my own empire with a team of vetted closers.

    I have over 20 years of experience in sales and the art of closing; I’ve spent $128,563 on sales training and seminars; and logged thousands of hours working with the highest-paid consultants and the most successful closers. I’ve given talks on over 100 different stages around the world, including Harvard University’s. I am the underdog who proved everybody wrong. Today, people who have high-ticket offers they want to sell use my coaching services to learn advanced selling techniques, and I coach people on how to sell their high-ticket offer with just one phone call. That’s why the media calls me ‘The One Call Closer’.

    What techniques and methods do you use day-to-day to stay continuously motivated, focused and proactive when fear, hardships and procrastination get the best of you?

    The technique to stay motivated is a burning desire, and the key is to be crystal clear on what that desire is. Become certain of exactly what you want, because that sort of clarity breeds motivation. Personally, I’m not motivated because of the things that I want or could have. My motivation stems from what I do not want. I know that I do not want a life of restriction. I know that I do not want an average or mediocre life. If you want to be motivated, you need the three ‘C’s: Clarity, Conviction and Certainty. There are always going to be people who don’t believe in you, and there will always be days you’ll feel like giving up. Those are the days you’ll have to push forward and fight for your mission.

    The technique I use to eliminate fear is to sit down and think about what that fear really is. I make a point of understanding what the fear I’m experiencing is, and I recognize that fear is almost always due to a lack of or scarcity of something. Lack of resources, lack of knowledge, lack of experience, lack of conviction, lack of confidence, etc. Procrastination is typically a result of these same inadequacies. Our shortcomings - whether it’s a dwindling bank account or insufficient skills in a particular area - create fear and procrastination. My method is to evaluate my situation to see what there is an absence of, and figure out what I need to acquire or access in order to solve my problems. Once you’re clear on this, fear dissipates while a strategic course of action is planned.

    For many of us, our minds are programmed to keep us in our comfort zone and hold us back from going after what we want. That’s why a fearless leap of faith and an action mentality are crucial in business. Often, the only difference between you and that super successful friend of yours is this: they took action, and you didn’t. So the next time you’re in fear, or procrastinating due to some sort of inadequacy, take those action steps. Hire a consultant. Get some coaching. Move towards your goal.

    What is your definition of success?

    For me, success is when at the end of the day, when everything shuts down, you’re sitting there with your family, in your dream home, feeling absolutely fulfilled. You know that when you wake up in the morning, you’ll be in control of your day, because you’re not working for someone who controls it for you. You have achieved emotional, spiritual and financial freedom. You never feel as though you’re a victim of your circumstances; you instead feel like the commander of your dreams.