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11 ½ Reasons To Go On UJS Birthright This Summer

Birthright Israel - a FREE ten-day trip to the Holy Land, courtesy of Taglit-Birthright and UJIA. Why should you go with UJS? Let us tell you...

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1. The dates

We know that there is a lot of pressure on students in the summer to get a job or internship but you shouldn’t have to choose between that and having fun. The dates of UJS Birthright are 18-28 June, meaning you can have the trip of a lifetime and still have time to do other things afterwards.

3. It’s free!

Student loans just about cover rent, food, nights out (and of course your J-Soc ball ticket), so you shouldn’t have to stress about funding your summer holidays too. Birthright Israel is totally free, gifted to you by Taglit-Birthright, UJIA and UJS, so you can have a fantastic summer and stay out of your overdraft to do it.

4. We’re dividing the buses by region…


So the bus journey is your chance to sit next to that person you fancied at J-Soc Friday Night Dinner but never got a chance to talk to. Plus, you won’t have to travel far for reunions in England... Cheaper train journeys in the UK means more money to spend on iced coffee and Israeli trousers to take home, right?

5. … But there’ll also be chances to see friends from around the country

Just cos you went to Notts and your best mate went to St Andrews doesn’t mean you should be kept apart in the Holy Land. Have no fear, we’ll be bringing the different regions together during the trip!

6. We know the BEST places to get food

We take students on trips to Israel every year, so we’ve developed quite a taste for the finest dishes. We know what you want (mainly cos we want it too) and we’ll go off the beaten track to make sure everyone’s satisfied.

7. We won’t bore you with things you might have done before

Whether you haven’t been to Israel since Tour in Year 11 or you’ve never been at all, we keep the itinerary fresh. But you'll still get to ride a camel, obvs.

8. We know you need down time too

We work with students all year round. That’s why we know that it can be tricky going from the total freedom of uni, where you’re in charge of where you go, what you do and when you eat, to being on a trip where you have to be awake, on the bus, or with the group at a certain time. That’s why we make sure to treat you like adults and give you the freedom to go out at night or see family and friends in Israel whilst you’re there.

9. It’s really, truly, totally cross-communal

You might have seen our recent post about how we’re always working to make UJS more inclusive. Israel is a country for all Jews no matter where you’d put yourself on the spectrum of denominations or how observant you are or aren’t – likewise, the UJS Birthright trip is for ALL Jewish students. With UJS, everyone is catered for, from the kosher food to the different types of Shabbat services.

10. You might find a Shidduch


Let’s be honest, if you went to a Jewni then you’re probably frustrated that you haven’t found yourself a boy/girlfriend yet; if you’re the only Jewish student on your campus, you can reassure the grandparents that you’re still looking by going on a trip where you can meet 45 other Jews. And if no one from your bus appeals… Did we mention that IDF soldiers join the Birthright trips? Yep. We know.

11. You can stay for longer if you want to.

A lesser-known fact of Birthright is that you can extend your trip for up to 3 months and still use your return ticket that was gifted to you by Birthright Israel. So if you actually do meet your Shidduch, or you find out about a volunteering opportunity or internship in Israel that you really want to grab, you can do that and still be back in time for the next year of uni to start.

11.5 It’s free!!

Yep, we know we said this before – that’s why it’s only a half-point – but to be honest, it’s too great to only say it once. UJS Birthright is absolutely, totally, 100% free (not including your own spending money), thanks to the generosity of Taglit-Birthright and UJIA.

Find out more about this incredible opportunity and register your interest now.

Click here to start your Birthright journey!

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