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UCSD Transport Resources You Should Be Aware Of NOW!

These are here for you! Make good use of them.

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Campus Shuttles

You might have seen some cool blue buses around UCSD: well these are here for you too. During the Academic Quarter, a couple of bus routes will take you around campus to make those Warren- Revelle walks less traumatizing. Also, the SIO shuttle will take you to Scripps to your classes or to the beach if you are lucky enough to have time during the week to go get a tan. Either way, these are the available shuttles that will help you get places:

* Campus Loop circulates clockwise and counterclockwise around campus

* Cityshuttle runs between campus and the Regents and Nobel areas

* East/Regents Shuttle runs between parking lot P704 and Gilman Transit Center

* Mesa Housing Shuttle runs in a clockwise loop between campus and the Mesa Housing complex off Regents Road

* Scripps Institution of Oceanography Shuttle runs in a counterclockwise loop between Mandeville Lane and SIO

All the info on bus stops and routes here

Track the shuttles live here

Even better, download this app and read this article for other essential apps for UCSD students

Holiday Airport Shuttle

Transportation services offers super cheap transportation from UCSD (Rupertus Ln) to the San Diego International Airport (Terminals 1,2 and commuter) for Thanksgiving and during winter and spring breaks. Info here

They have flexible schedules and comfy buses, buy tickets here

A.S. Rides

Although this was mentioned in a previous post, I think I can always remind people that UCSD has your back in any situation. Associated Students have started a pilot project in collaboration with Uber that allows students to unlock a free ride up to $10 between 8pm and 3am when in need.

Details here


Zipcar is a service that allows you to rent cars by the hour whether it is for running errands, grocery shopping or a full day field trip. UCSD has made a sweet deal with Zipcar and what used to be a $25 membership fee is now $15 for students.

Also, because of the university package, students under 21 or without a US issued licence can still join, use their home country paper work and get a membership in a matter of days. The cars are located all around campus and reserving a specific car for the time you need it, can be easily done with the Zipcar App in your phone.

Learn more about Zipcar here

Zimeride Ridesharing

Another perk of being a UCSD affiliate is it's ridesharing network. If you are over 18, you can access one-time rides or create carpools or vanpools: just login in with your Single Sign-On to Zimride, create a profile and start finding and sharing rides!

Triton Rides

Triton Rides is a web app created by a former UCSD student that is very similar to Zimride. Playing with the idea of ridesharing, this app allows you to find and provide carpools without the need to create an account or memorize a password. Using just your UCSD email, you can access the listings and choose the start and end locations that are more convenient for you.

Give it a try, enter here

Free Safety Escorts!


This is not exactly a transport solution but I thought I'd leave this here to remind everyone that campus should feel like a safe place to all of us regardless of the time of the day or whether we are walking with company or on our own. To ensure this feeling of safety for all students in campus, the UCSD police dept. provides a free escort system between sunset and 1:30am to anyone, anywhere in campus.

With just a call to (858)534 WALK (9255), you can ask for company as you walk around campus, jog, bike or even while you wait for a bus or cab (or uber). Even better, if you constantly leave the library late at night or stay in a lab after the sun sets, you can schedule your escorts to come get you at a time and place periodically.

If you see an escort (navy blue polo and jacket) ask them to walk you without even making a call.

UCSD is your home and it should feel like it; make that call when you need it!


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