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International Fashion Show!

featured during the international education week, here are some traditional clothing from different cultures!

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Kimono (Japan)

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Kimono is a traditional Japanese clothing.

Traditionally, color combinations and layers represented either seasonal colors or the political class to which one belonged, where both men and women wore brightly colored kimonos.

Modern Japanese people rarely wear kimonos in everyday life. However, they reserve them for special occasions such as weddings, tea ceremonies, summer festivals, and kabuki shows.

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Tracht (Bavaria)

People mainly wear them during Oktoberfest. But people also wear their Tracht or Trachtenkleidung during (countryside) weddings, beer festivals, and other celebrations.

Male clothing is called Lederhosen (leather trousers), and female clothing is called Dirndl, with the dress itself (a wide and long skirt with a corsage), a white blouse and a colorful apron. Read more about it here!

Poncho (Latin America)

The poncho is a traditional element of Chilean huaso style.

Though ponchos are worn in Argentina, Chile and Peru, and all around Latin America.

Particularly in Chile, locals often wear the chamanto, a reversible poncho.

It is made from wool or silk with a ribbon finish.

Traditionally, Chilean festive ponchos feature colors such as grey, brown, red, black and white.

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vyshyvanka (Ukraine)

vyshyvanka is the name for the embroidered shirt in Ukrainian national costume.

From the capital of Kiev to the patriotic city of Lviv, the vyshyvanka worn for all women, men, and children. Traditionally, the thread was colored according to local formulas using bark, leaves, flowers, berries reflecting the local environment in the embroidery.

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Kaftan/ Caftan (Morocco)

Kaftan is worn only by women.

Moroccan kaftans are representative of the diverse cultural identities and cultural heritage influences as seen by the combination of multiple elements required. Elegant styles are reserved more for special occasions, although they wear them in daily lives. Cotton kaftans are worn with accent stitching and pipings.

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