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Here Are Some Ghost Stories From Around The World

Its almost Halloween! Are you scared of ghosts? Did monsters keep you awake at night when you were little? Here are some of the stories around the world that send you chills down your spine!

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Jiangshi (Chinese Zombie)

The stories of the jiangshi originated from transporting corpses in China. Workers often work far away from home but were always to be transported home to be buried. Jiangshi hops because people who can't afford to carry their relatives home from a distant place is conducted a ritual by Taoist priest to get their bodies home.

The Ghost of Elsa Cloete

Due to prohibited love, Elsa Cloete was a young Dutch woman who died of broken heart after her love committed suicide. At the Kitima Restaurant, where she used to live, both workers and guests experienced unusual phenomenons and sees the couple.


/ Phoebe Boswell for NPR

Popobawa is an evil creature stalks the Tanzanian island of Pemba in the Indian Ocean. After a popbawa attack, victims, who are exclusively men, must spread the word to others on Pemba. Otherwise, they will continue to be visited by the popobawa.

The Girl In The Bathroom


Third floor of the third stall in the girl's bathroom in Japan you may find a girl with red skirt named Hanako. She may want a friend... or she wants to kill you, eat you and or drag you to Hell with a bloody hand.

The Woman Of Your (Worst) Dreams

In Brazil, sleep paralysis is embodied by a tall, skinny woman with long yellow fingernails and red eyes called La pisadeira.

If someone goes to sleep on a full stomach, la pisadeira sits on victim's chest so that they cannot move. The pisadeira that has attacked them watches them as they begin to panic as the victims can't move their bodies to defend themselves.

Disclaimer: some stories are summaries of stories from NPR

Please Check out The Creepiest Ghost and Monster Stories from Around the World written by NPR for more details!

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