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17 Things You Say On Uni Applications Vs What You Really Mean

"I always meet deadlines on time." *submits application with seconds to spare*

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1. What you say: "I'm very adventurous."

Cultura RM Exclusive/ Photolove / Getty Images

What you mean: "I once left my house without my smartphone, and I somehow still survived."

2. What you say: "I regularly volunteer."

"Please go play with your brother. That's basically the reason we had him."

What you mean: "I regularly have to babysit my younger brother."

4. What you say: “...and I enjoy taking part in intellectual debates.”

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What you mean: "My friends and I always argue over what is the greatest superhero power (invisibility, obviously)."

5. What you say: “My part-time job has taught me how to manage my time effectively.”

What you mean: "I've perfected the ability to turn up to work with seconds to spare."

6. What you say: “The job has also taught me how to resolve conflicts.”

DAJ / Getty Images

What you mean: "A customer once argued with me about the 5p bag charge so I just let them have it for free."

9. What you say: “I’m a problem solver.”

Don't ask me how I managed to take this because I'm not entirely sure

What you mean: "I completed The Legend of Zelda in less than three hours."

10. What you say: “I learned a lot during my two weeks of work experience.”

NBC / Via

What you mean: "I spent two weeks at my dad’s office learning how to use the printer and photocopier."

12. What you say: “I hope to learn everything there is to know about [NAME OF COURSE].”

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What you mean: "I hope to learn which lecturers are the cool ones."

14. What you say: “I am a great communicator.”

I'm not even going to bother reading this

What you mean: "Sometimes I actually respond to texts."

15. What you say: “I work well under pressure.”

iStock / BuzzFeed

What you mean: "I leave everything to the last minute, panic, then desperately rush to something on time."

16. What you say: “I want to study at [NAME OF UNIVERSITY] because it matches my high expectations.”

Summit Entertainment / Via

What you mean: The union club nights have a pretty amazing reputation.

17. What you say: “Please find my personal references at the bottom of this application.”

Anytime a company asks me for a personal reference I'm going to refer them to my 5 star über rating

What you mean: "Please find details for two individuals who I'm hoping won't have anything bad to say about me."

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