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18 Things Only People Applying For Uni Will Understand

Casually drowning in prospectuses.

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1. Falling in love with every uni once you've read their prospectus:

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Especially the ones that look like Hogwarts.

2. And realising there are way more courses out there than the ones your teachers told you about:

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"Yacht Operations" sounds pretty sweet tbh.

3. Genuinely worrying that you won't be able to narrow down your selection to just five universities:

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Twenty seems like a way more reasonable selection, idk.

4. You start writing your personal statement and realise you have no idea how to begin:

Brb, just drowning in "how to write a personal statement" articles.

5. And realise it's super hard to talk about your achievements without sounding arrogant:

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*adds humility to list of achievements*

6. Getting desperate and putting grade one piano on your personal statement: / Via

And genuinely wondering if Brownies/Scouts is worth a mention, too.

7. And dying a little inside when you're told to cut down your paragraph on DofE to a sentence:

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You're pretty damn sure every uni will accept you once they hear you set up the trangia all by yourself.

8. When you try to figure out your UCAS points total:

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And being devastated when that grade-one piano qualification doesn't actually give you any points.

9. And can't remember which GCSEs you took, even though that was only a year ago:


And you have to remember the grades because they don't want to make this process easy for you.

10. When you're already getting excited about the places you could study abroad:

Finally, your chance to live somewhere with actual sunshine.
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Finally, your chance to live somewhere with actual sunshine.

11. When it feels like everyone else has got it together way more than you have:

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You pretty much spend the entire process in a state of confusion.

12. And you want to give up trying to human:

Parents: Your room is a mess. Me: You should see my life.

Sixteen ain't so sweet sometimes.

13. But luckily, your friends are there to help you get your grades:

Free periods become your saving grace.

14. Trying to balance uni applications with coursework, homework, and revision:

And a social life because you're still human.
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And a social life because you're still human.

15. And constantly daydreaming about uni to keep you motivated:

I'm dead excited to go to uni because my uni looks like hogwarts

You're totally going to become the star of an a capella group at uni, à la Pitch Perfect. Totally.

16. When you send off your UCAS application and can hardly stand to say goodbye:

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Mostly because you want to proofread it another 10 times, just to make extra sure.

17. And you start frantically checking UCAS every waking minute:

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UCAS suddenly becomes that crush who takes ages to text back.

18. But hey, at least you have the finer things in life there to distract you:

It's great practice for uni.

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