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18 Things Only People Applying For Uni Will Understand

Casually drowning in prospectuses.

1. Falling in love with every uni once you've read their prospectus:

2. And realising there are way more courses out there than the ones your teachers told you about:

3. Genuinely worrying that you won't be able to narrow down your selection to just five universities:

4. You start writing your personal statement and realise you have no idea how to begin:

Brb, just drowning in "how to write a personal statement" articles.

5. And realise it's super hard to talk about your achievements without sounding arrogant:

6. Getting desperate and putting grade one piano on your personal statement:

7. And dying a little inside when you're told to cut down your paragraph on DofE to a sentence:

8. When you try to figure out your UCAS points total:

9. And can't remember which GCSEs you took, even though that was only a year ago:

10. When you're already getting excited about the places you could study abroad:

11. When it feels like everyone else has got it together way more than you have:

12. And you want to give up trying to human:

Parents: Your room is a mess. Me: You should see my life.

Sixteen ain't so sweet sometimes.

13. But luckily, your friends are there to help you get your grades:

Free periods become your saving grace.

14. Trying to balance uni applications with coursework, homework, and revision:

15. And constantly daydreaming about uni to keep you motivated:

I'm dead excited to go to uni because my uni looks like hogwarts

You're totally going to become the star of an a capella group at uni, à la Pitch Perfect. Totally.

16. When you send off your UCAS application and can hardly stand to say goodbye:

17. And you start frantically checking UCAS every waking minute:

18. But hey, at least you have the finer things in life there to distract you:

It's great practice for uni.

Applying for uni is a pretty weird and crazy time. Beat your uni application indecisiveness with a visit to a UCLan open day, and make (one) part of the process just that little bit easier.