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10 Things That Will Make Every Side-Hustler Say "True"

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1. There's no such thing as a five-day workweek.


If you're a serious side-hustler, there are no weekends and there are no days off. You're always on your grind to achieve your dream.

2. Your side hustle isn't just a way to make ends meet; it's a way to support your passion project.

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We all gotta pay the bills, and you have found gigs to support you financially so you can stay steady on the path of your side hustle.

3. Your social media presence is all about that side-hustle life.

4. Your idea of a happy hour is hours spent networking and spitballing with like-minded hustlers.

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Your network is your greatest strength, and you use hours outside of your day job to circle the wagons with mentors and movers and shakers that inspire you.

5. Your phone's notifications move quicker than a stock ticker.


Message notifications from industry apps, calendar notifications for your next meeting, texts from possible business ventures, emails from your multiple gigs, reminders for your passion project — the list goes on and on.

6. You get restless when you aren't pounding the pavement.


You're a doer and a dreamer, and any idle time you have is spent turning that dream into a reality. And when you aren't hustling, you're plotting your next move.

7. You believe life is too short to waste time working toward things you don't care about.


You need a day job to pay the bills, but you do it with a grin knowing that cash is helping propel you closer toward achieving your dream. Most of your time is spent working; why waste it on something that doesn't make you happy?

8. You're steady hustlin', but you also know the value of work–life balance.

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You're always on your grind, but you make an effort to keep a good balance between work and play. Some of the best ideas and inspirations come from those times spent in the company of confidants.

9. You hustle because you want to, not because you need to.


We all gotta put food on the table, but that's why you found a steady gig that pays the bills. So you work on the side toward actualizing that dream, that job you want to do, not that job you need to do.

10. You will succeed. You will make your dreams happen.

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Side-hustlers are cut from a particular cloth, unwavering in their pursuit of dreams, unapologetic in their grind, and devout in doing everything it takes to transform the idea into the reality.

Driving with Uber is flexible and works around your schedule. Click here and start earning cash to support your side hustle.