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Just 5 Times That Uber Package Can Seriously Help Save Your Ass

Thank you, next.

Raise your hand if you've ever found yourself in a jam and needed a little help to wriggle out of it?

Not entirely convinced on how often you'd need such a service? Well, here are five scenarios where Uber Package might come in very handy...

1. Imagine if avoiding your toxic ex was as easy as booking a same-day delivery service to send them back their raggedy old hoodie or eight-step skincare routine. No tense eye-contact with Gary the Gaslighter. No awkward hello to Mary the Manipulator. Just see you never — and by the way, here's all your crap!

2. Or, picture this: You're fare-welling a mate at your place before they head off on a luxurious few months of travel. You have some drinks, embrace goodbye, before waving them off with a bon-voyage!

3. Or, what about the stomach-churning, awful thing we've all done at some point: Forgotten a good friend's birthday. And worse yet, not realised the mistake until well into the afternoon.

4. How about the pure nightmare situation of arriving home after a long drive of visiting your fam and realising you left your house keys at their place? Rather than turn around and double your trip time, your pesky little sibling can just Uber Package those bad boys back to you directly (and make themselves useful, for once).

5. Finally, one for my side-hustle kings and queens. A customer orders something from your online store for priority delivery, just after you've sent out your final orders for the day.

So, what are you waiting for? The next time you're in a pickle, remember to stress less! There's now an easy, same-day solution to the most irritating of life's problems (now that your ex, Luke 'The Loud-Chewer' is out of your life).

Uber Package lets you book a package delivery easily, similar to how you can request a ride. You can even request a package be to be sent to YOU from a designated sender. Discover more here!