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8 Things We're Excited About Summer School

We can't believe Summer School is coming up already!! He'res our top 10, what are yours?

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1. The Totally Sick Workshops We Get To Do

In each squad (Business, FEIT, Media, Design, Science and Health) there are unique workshops and experiments we get to do at University.

2. The Mentors

Lets' be real, we've never had one Mentor and Teacher who people don't love and appreciate. Ask em anything about uni and they can give a straight up answer 👌👌

3. Lets Be Honest... The Free Food Is Pretty Good Too

It's the best two words in the dictionary.... Free and Food!

4. Better Understanding Of What To Do After School

Okay so I know a few of us who feel a bit like ^^^^ when people ask us what we want to do. There are so many possibilities of what to do after school, but how are we expected to decide to do? WELL Summer School helps sort out the mess a little bit. If you know, then you can figure out which uni or what courses to do. Even if you don't know, you can find what area you like or don't like. It's a win win tbh.

5. We Actually Get A Taste Of Graduation

Graduation might have been on your mind at some point. Weather you've dreamed about it or it's something you haven't really thought about, going through Summer School and then going to your Grad ceremony is a real eye opener.

6. Make A+ Mates

When you spend everyday with new people for almost two weeks at Summer School, your'e going to make new mates who are going to have your back 💪

7. Spending Time At University

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This may not sound totally cool BUT you get to use all sick equipment and resources that UTS has. Trust us. UTS isn't the #1 young university for nothing 😎

8. Learning About Different Ways To Get To University

There are so many ways to get to University. Sure ATAR is one way but that's only good for a bunch of people. Summer School will be is a great place to learn about how to get to where you might want to go.

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