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    Five Essential Vitamins And Their Functions

    The majority of people are not getting enough of these five essential vitamins on a daily basis. However, ignoring these may put your health at risk. Today I am going to share these five essential vitamins and their functions in the human body. There are some special vitamins we must take for example Vitamin B17 etc. We must take a sufficient amount of these essential and special vitamins to stay healthy.

    1. Vitamin A / Via

    Vitamin A is essential for the growth and development of cells in the human body. It is important for other important functions of the body; healthy skin, hair, nails gums, etc.

    2. Vitamin D / Via

    Vitamin D aids calcium in immersion and builds and maintains strong bones.

    3. Vitamin E / Via

    Vitamin E safeguards fatty acids; supports muscles and red blood cells, and works as a vital antioxidant.

    4. Vitamin K / Via

    Vitamin K is an important vitamin for the human body. Your body needs it for efficient blood clotting.

    5. Vitamin C / Via

    Vitamin C, found in citrus fruits, is a vital vitamin and essential for your body.

    Function: Strengthens blood vessel walls; helps wound healing and iron absorption; supports prevent atherosclerosis; promotes immunity; works as a key antioxidant.