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Don't Let What Happens In The Rock Haunt You On The Hill

It is that time again football fans, the Hogs are headed to The Rock for our game this weekend against Alcorn State. A storied tradition of success on the field and epic tailgating on the golf course. Kickoff is at 11 and below are some tips to help you have a snap-worthy time but without the consequences following you back to Fayetteville.

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1. Nobody Tailgates Like Hog Fans


With an early start, this is a great time to fill your belly with your favorite breakfast grub before heading to the stadium for kick off with all your friends and family. Start the day off right so you are ready to Call Those Hogs!

2. One Drink, Two Drinks, I Don't Remember the Game


While it can be enticing to start the day with your favorite brunch beverage, it is never fun to not be able to remember what you were doing and/or sober up in the middle of the day. Choose your drinks carefully and have some water too. It is going to be a beautiful day for football but hydrate with something other than a cold one before the game. 11 is too early to end up with a box on your head.

3. Know When To Walk Away


Tailgating is supposed to be fun and a time to come together as Hog fans. But, sometimes people say things or do things when drunk that they would not normally. Take the high road because that fight will get you in a lot of trouble when you get back to The Hill and it is just not worth it.

4. Tailgating Is Not The Place to Hook Up


While we appreciate your natural urge to "celebrate" game day, on the hood of a car, against a port a potty, or any public spot on the golf course is a risky choice. You do not want to have to talk to the cops about it or have to try to hide from all those snaps. Also, always use protection!

5. The Long Journey Home


The game is early and it is a long drive back to Fayetteville. Make sure that you have given yourself enough time for your body to process any alcohol that you may have consumed. If you are uncertain there are a lot of BAC calculator apps that can be downloaded on iPhone and Android. No morning of fun and celebration is worth what you will have to go through if you get a DUI/DWI.

6. Leave No Trace


This one is simple, pick up your trash. Yes, there are people who "are paid" to clean up after every game that does not mean that you cannot do your part.

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