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12 Things Moms Worry About When Their Teens Ask To Have Friends Over

Having teenagers isn't easy. Letting your teenager have friends over is downright terrifying. With Tyson® Any’tizers® snacks, the one thing you shouldn't have to worry about is being able to satisfy their teenage appetites!

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1. So is this a party... or a few friends?

Faye Kahn / BuzzFeed

"I agreed on a few friends. This better not be a party."

2. I shouldn't have said OK.

ABC / Via

"This will not be OK. Is it too late to cancel? I still have a few days..."

3. Will it be awkward if I stay the whole time?


"Will I have to go upstairs on the day of the party? I mean, I can't leave them unsupervised."

4. Do I have to plan activities?

Faye Kahn / BuzzFeed

"Do teenagers even still play games?"

5. It's going to be loud. It's going to be SO loud.

Fox / Via

"Should I warn the neighbors?"

6. Must make a mental note to go grocery shopping...

Tyler Naugle / BuzzFeed

"Do they all eat as much as my kid?"

7. What if I don't have enough food?

Tyler Naugle / BuzzFeed

"Is it ~even~ possible to actually have enough food?!"

8. Are there going to be boys and girls at this party?


"Because I cannot handle that."

9. Do kids today still play Spin the Bottle?

"There will be no kissing in my house."

10. What about the cat?

The Frogman / Via

"He's NOT going to like all these people in the house..."

11. They're going to trash my house. I know they are.

Tumblr: Legit Friends / Via

"Hopefully there will be one polite kid who will help clean up..."

12. Is it too late for me to run away?

Reaction Gifs / Via

"Can't it just be over?"

When you have teenagers at your home, you have enough things to worry about.

With Tyson® Any'tizers® snacks in your freezer, making sure everyone's appetite is satisfied won't be one of them.