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Which Member Of Mad Mess Are You??

probably the most important quiz you will ever take

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  1. Ideal Vacation spot?

    wherever i am alone and have an endless supply of alcohol
    harry potter world
    ireland where a cute ginger boy will propose to me on the spot
    somewhere in europe with lots of waterfalls and blue water and fun activities
  2. What would you say your body is?

    a walking cashew
    total wasteland
    wasteland filled with low standards
    mediocre at best
  3. What do you want for breakfast?

    a dope breakfast taco... probably bacon egg and cheese
    breakfast bar
    as much bacon and i can fit in my mouth with a nice large glass of milk
    cereal and/or crappy coffee
  4. What place do you usually come in in mario cart?

    I don't play mario cart
    doesn't matter... theres not enough nunchucks so i have to use the wheel
    obviously 1st
    usually last but thats only because i suck
  5. How well can you frat snap (1-10)

    -10 but i like to pretend
    ehh solid 4 on a good day
  6. How sporty are you? (1-10)

    Probably a 9.5
    solid 8 unless it requires hand eye coordinations/balls then I'm a -7
  7. if you are on campus where are you?

    the pit of despair also known as the BSB
    club moody photoshopping people into pictures while avoiding BIC readings
    home in bed
    probably the visitors center
  8. do you ever lick your apples?

    uhhh yah if you don't give it a nice lick the apple juice will drop on you
    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no
    who licks apples?????
  9. what is your car's name?

    mom car
  10. what would you consider yourself?

    liberal hippie friend that loves wine
    chill/coolest person ever but also a douche
    independent mofo that is also scared of anything that breathes
    a friendly douche bag
  11. What type of shirts do you usually wear?

    tank tops always boiiiiii
    any clean shirt
    t shirts only
    ehh depends on my mood.. could be nice could be a trash can

Which Member Of Mad Mess Are You??

You got: Liz Baby

You got Liz!! You are probably extra sporty, v cute, and love some sweet gal time. Also you are low-key a hippie with a sweet nose ring.

Liz Baby
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You got: Trashley

You have no hand eye coordination, you wear only tank tops, and you probably are afraid of social interaction.

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You got: Macy

you're grade A obnoxious, say "boiiii" a lot, and you frat snap a very minimum of 30x a day.

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You got: Ty

overall a douche that drives a mom car, kinda sporty also talks way too much. idk how you have any friends at all honestly

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