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Mix it up with Tulane-inspired drinks

Add some Tulane tastes to your night out with these collegiate cocktails

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Green Wave Mojito (Makes 12)

* 3/4 cup sugar + 3/4 cup water (boil to create simple syrup)

* 1 1/2 cups packed mint leaves, plus 12 mint sprigs, for garnish

* 6 limes, cut into wedges (Muddle with lime and simple syrup then strain)

* 2 cups light rum

* Cracked ice

* 3 cups Champagne or sparkling wine

* Midori (for color)

Mojitos are always a good party drink. They give the illusion of class while still having enough rum to get everyone lit. This jazzed-up Tulane version is the perfect match for a party, second line or Mardi Gras Ball. With the added champagne (because fun) and Midori (because green) make it a refreshing twist on an old school cocktail. Make a pitcher, and show off your hosting prowess.

Howie Tea

* 2 cups ice cubes

* 1 part Southern Comfort

* 1 part bourbon

* 1 part white rum

* 1 part white tequila

* 1/2 part triple sec

* 1/2 part sour mix

* 1 splash of Coke

* Lemon wedges for garnish

Every Tulane student has their date nights with Howie-Tilton Memorial Library when they have to cram before an exam, but these dates are boring, and Howie is going through some changes right now. He’s just not ready for a commitment, and needs a stiff drink to help him get over the fact that we'd rather be at The Boot. Howie Tea, a more Southern take on a Long Island Iced Tea, swaps out the snobbish Northeast liquors (gin and vodka) for something more Southern. The Southern Comfort and bourbon will add a pretty massive kick to this already strong drink, so maybe go easy with this one.

All Nighter

* 1 shot of whiskey

* 1 part Kahlua

* 1 Part coffee

Tulane is a stressful place, and sometimes there’s no avoiding staying up until sunrise to study. Between a lack of sleep and all that test anxiety, students need something to keep them up and calm them down. A shot of whiskey and a little Kahlua should really only create a slight buzz. Nothing too intense to inhibit studying, but the added benefit of caffeine will keep scholars up, studying and maybe hiccupping to lighten the mood.

The Boot and Rally

* 3 shots tequila

* 1/2 can of La Croix

* Splash of lime juice

Maybe last semester didn't go great. Maybe the whole year wasn’t great. Maybe you just need to forget 2016 even happened. Lovingly named for the birthplace of most mistakes made at Tulane, The Boot and Rally is a way to get a fresh start on 2017, and purge the past. Mix the ingredients in a shaker, and pour it into shot glasses. Just like a real “Boot and rally,” it might be good for you, but it definitely makes you look like the life of the party.

Cow Cat's Milk(shake)

* 3 scoops vanilla ice cream

* 1 1/2 cup milk

* Oreos

* 1/2 cup Bailey’s Irish Cream (Optional)

* Chocolate syrup for garnish

Tulane simply wouldn’t be the school it is without Cow Cat. With Cow Cat’s guidance and love, we’ve made U.S. News & World Report’s list of top 50 colleges in the country. His passing has already hit the Tulane community hard, but it's time we honor his memory with a drink fit for a Cow Cat King. A cookies-and-cream milkshake is just the way to do it. Add Bailey’s if it’s past five, and draw Cow Cat’s beautiful face in chocolate syrup as tribute. Fair warning, this drink will contribute to the Tulane ton.

RIP Cow Cat.

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