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11 Reasons Food Is The Real MVP

We eat food every day. It's time to give food the full appreciation it deserves.

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1. Food Never Judges

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People may bring you down. But does pizza ever say, "Sorry, you are too fat." No. It loves you back no matter what. Does your tub of ice cream ever tell you "Go away, you are an ugly excuse for an adult." No. It pleads with you to be together.

3. It Warms Your Heart...And Belly!

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After a hard, rough day at work or school there is no better way to unfreeze your cold heart than with some beloved food. It will brighten your day and perk you back up again.

5. It Comforts Us Every Day Without So Much As A Thank You

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Most of us have meals 3 times a day. And then there's the countless cookies, cake and other crap we feed on in between.

8. Food Is A Source Of Pride

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We all know not to criticize Aunt Carol's chili. That's recipe has been in the family since great-great-great grandma fought off a bear from the first batch.

10. Meals Brings Us Together

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How can we not be thankful for those nights around the table piling up our plates with turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie? Or those cold nights with friends sipping a steaming mug of coffee and munching on some hot apple pie.

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