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10 Tips You Can Use To Make Your Commute More Effective

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3. Set goals so you can go from commuting to killing it.

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Mentally prepare by going over your day's schedule during your commute. Set a purpose for your day or even mentally repeat an affirmation to yourself.

4. Be active.

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Commuting doesn't have to be a slog. Weather permitting, you could ride your bike, walk, or get a foldable scooter to cover part or all of the distance. It can get your heart rate up and will free up time that you would have spent at the gym.

5. Bond with your family while you travel.

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Combine part or all of your commute with your S.O. or kids to get some additional quality time in. Even if you have to leave a little earlier to make it work, you’ll end up appreciating the extra time to prepare at your desk.

6. Learn a new language.

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Listen to a foreign-language program to pass the time. Don't want to spring for a paid program? No problem! There are plenty of free foreign-language courses you can listen to as podcasts.

10. Catch up on emails.

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Anyone who doesn't commute via driving can catch up on their quick-reply emails during their commute. Even if you're stuck underground for most of the time, you can always save your replies as drafts and then mass send when you emerge with reception.

Did we miss something? Share your favorite commuting tips in the comments below!