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10 Struggles Every Virtual Pet Parent Remembers

At least the poop was virtual too. TWIX® was too broken up about the loss of its virtual pet back in 1996, but they've finally gotten over it and remembered what they're trying to do: release TWIX® Bites.

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1. For starters, being entrusted with a living, breathing thing.


That is a huge burden for an eighth grader to carry.

2. Finding out your friend got a heart-shaped virtual pet, and you just got an egg-shaped one like everyone else.

Faye Kahn / BuzzFeed

3. Worrying that your pet wouldn't have enough to eat during class and missing the entire lesson.


This is also how you know you'll be a helicopter parent.

4. Learning that it was possible to love something so much that you would clean up its excrement.

5. Being so upset that you couldn't pet it IRL that you ended up throwing it against the ground.


Or, alternatively, throwing your head against anything really.

6. Having to trust your parents to watch your pet while you were at school.


God knows your parents weren't capable of properly caring for it.

7. Or, being able to take your pet to school, but not being able to give it the attention it needed.


And worrying about it DYING all day.

8. Hearing it cry for the first time and never feeling truly happy again.

Tyler Naugle / BuzzFeed

9. Feeling envy for the first time after hearing that your friend's virtual pet was already fully grown.


And yours was still just an egg.

10. Realizing that your virtual pet's time had come, its life lived and fruitful, and you had to put it down.

Tara Parian / BuzzFeed

The dreaded "reset."