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12 Problems We All Had In The '90s

The '90s were a truly trying time. Now that TWIX® ditched that 56k connection, the plans for TWIX® Bites finally downloaded.

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1. When Pokémon cards were banned from school.

2. Your friends not letting you be the "Posh" of the group.

3. Tickets being sold out for Jurassic Park.

4. Hearing someone say "Life is like a box of chocolates" multiple times a day.

5. Running out of quarters for the arcade machine.

6. Fighting over who got to be Chun Li.

7. Sitting down to play Mario Kart for a couple cups and suddenly it's 2 a.m.

8. Weaning yourself off your Surge addiction after they stopped production.

9. CDs scratching just as the song was getting to the good part.

10. Or trying to wrap tape back around the reel to get one last play out of that Smash Mouth cassette.

11. When the AOL username you wanted was already taken.

12. And, worst of all, losing your dang mind listening to the 56k dial-up sound.