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    9 Things You Should Never Say To A Mom With Twins

    Twins are awesome but there's no denying that they are (more than) double the work. If you ever see a mom with twins, avoid saying the following things and just skip to giving her a supportive hug.

    1. "Did you have them naturally?"


    No, they teleported out of me. Want to know how I made them too?

    2. "You look tired. Are your babies sleeping yet?"


    Translation: you look like shit. So thanks, I guess?

    No, they aren't sleeping. I'm not sleeping. No one is sleeping. Walk away. Quickly.

    3. "Sleep when they sleep"


    First of all, see number 2. Second of all, the chances of them napping at the same time are slim to none (because remember, there's two of them) and if I sleep when they sleep, when do I eat or take a shower?

    4. "Better you than me"


    Yeah, if this conversation is any indication of the common sense you have, it IS better than you aren't raising two tiny humans.

    5. "Do they run in the family?"


    For the 100th time, no. Does it matter? Does the fact that anyone else in my family has them make up for the fact that I'm currently drowning in babies?

    6. "I only have one, I cannot imagine doing it with two"


    That's reassuring, thank you for implying to the person with TWO infants that ONE is the worst thing to ever happen to you.

    7. "You must have your hands full!"


    No shit.

    8. "When are you due?"


    Not pregnant, just fat from growing two humans with my body *runs away crying*

    9. "You're so blessed"



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