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Here’s Why It Actually Might Be A Good Time To Get Your Child A Cellphone

Spoiler alert: It doesn't have to be a smartphone!

It's easy to set clear guidelines about phones.

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Getting a phone for your child can seem overwhelming — especially when it comes to rules and guidelines. But it doesn't have to be hard. The first step is to make the rules as clear as possible. Some example rules are turning the phone off at night, having knowledge of the password so you can access your child's phone, and establishing consequences if any of the rules are broken. Additionally, some phone services actually give you tools to manage this.

It's an easy way to introduce the idea of smart spending.

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Talk to your child about how much money you're willing to spend to cover your chosen data plan. Additionally, agree to a set of rules about the purchasing of apps or games.

A cellphone means an easy way to coordinate and communicate.

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If your child takes part in a lot of after-school activities, a cellphone can be a great way to coordinate schedules and pickup times. Cellphones also allow for quick communication when it comes to a last-minute change of plans. Giving your child a phone is a way for them to easily contact you without having to find a friend's phone to borrow.

A cellphone can help your child stay safe.

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If your child feels like they are in harm's way or in a dangerous situation, a cellphone can be a lifeline. Not only will a cellphone allow them to contact you, it will also be a way for them to contact the police, an ambulance, or the fire department. Additionally, many phones come with a GPS system that allows you to track your child's location.

A cellphone can be crucial for a young driver.

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If you have a newly licensed older child who just started behind the wheel, having a phone on hand will be crucial in the face of any type of emergency situation on the road.

A cellphone can be a great way to teach responsibility.

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Having to take care of and not lose a cellphone will teach your child about the importance of responsibility. You won't be there to monitor your child's every moment with their phone, which means they will have to learn to use their phone within the guidelines set by you both. You can also discuss with your child a policy about being responsible for replacing the phone if it breaks or is lost.

Cellphones can be a learning tool for children as they can learn a new form of technology as well as explore the internet if the phone has the capability to do so.

Phones can even provide necessary entertainment!

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Phones have entertainment value. A child can use a phone to discover music, play games, and learn new things via the internet. A cellphone with a camera can be a great bonding experience between friends.

You do not have to get your child a smartphone.

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While smartphones do offer entertainment, if you're apprehensive about your child having access to a smartphone, there are ways around this. Some phone companies offer a "basic" phone that does not come with the features of your average smartphone. With these phones, it's possible to stay in touch with your child without them having access to the internet.

Your child's cellphone doesn't have to break the bank. Some phone companies even cater to phones to tweens. And Twigby is right at the top.

Twigby is a new service that is great for your tween's first phone and the whole family. They give you the tools to manage their account and teach responsibility, and it comes at a fraction of the cost of the big guys.