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Here’s Why It Actually Might Be A Good Time To Get Your Child A Cellphone

Spoiler alert: It doesn't have to be a smartphone!

It's easy to set clear guidelines about phones.

It's an easy way to introduce the idea of smart spending.

A cellphone means an easy way to coordinate and communicate.

A cellphone can help your child stay safe.

A cellphone can be crucial for a young driver.

A cellphone can be a great way to teach responsibility.

Phones can even provide necessary entertainment!

You do not have to get your child a smartphone.

Your child's cellphone doesn't have to break the bank. Some phone companies even cater to phones to tweens. And Twigby is right at the top.

Twigby is a new service that is great for your tween's first phone and the whole family. They give you the tools to manage their account and teach responsibility, and it comes at a fraction of the cost of the big guys.