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Top 10 Senior Reality TV Stars

Just because they're old, doesn't mean they're not hip. These senior reality tv stars steal the show. The Top 10 Reality TV Senior Stars.

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10. Jon Taffer on 'Bar Rescue' / Via http://Spike%20TV

Taffer has an impressive background in the restaurant, bar and nightclub industries, and most recently served as chairman of Taffer Dynamics where he acts as a consultant and development adviser. In the world of reality TV, he's helping broken down bars become great again on Bar Rescue on Spike TV. The new season of Bar Rescue returns to Spike summer '13

9. Mama Elsa from 'Real Housewives of Miami'

T. Kyle at Reality TV GIFS Tumblr / Via

Mama Elsa is a Real Housewife of Miami mother, and can see the future. A victim of plastic surgery gone wrong, Elsa still knows how to party and loves her wine. Her motto is "I'm a very good friend ..but I'm a very bad enemy."

8. Jack Hoffman from 'Gold Rush'

All of the Lights Tumblr / Via

Jack Hoffman is a man on a mission, to find gold through the glory hole on History Channel's Gold Rush. The double entendre isn't lost on anyone, including Jack who has appeared on the show that mocks him constantly, The Soup.

7. Joan Rives on 'Joan and Melissa' / Via http://WeTV%20Pinterest

Joan Rivers is queen of fashion, comedy, and her daughter Melissa's house. Age is just a number to this woman that is no stranger to cosmetic surgery and while she'll joke about how old she is, she's absolutely young at heart. She's also more popular than ever with her legions of fans that are known as Joan Rangers.

6. Si From 'Duck Dynasty' / Via http://ImgFave%20user%20njd816

Si Robertson is the wacky uncle on A&E’s Duck Dynasty. Si is the master of catch phrases and one-liners and has coined the phrase, “Hey, Jack!” Si walks around with a tea glass attached to him at all times. His motto is, “work hard, nap hard.”

5. Cloris Leachman on 'Dancing With The Stars'

Cloris Leachman is a show biz veteran, starring in The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Facts of Life,and currently on Raising Hope. She stole the hearts and the dance floor when she and her wig were swept away on Dancing with The Stars.

4. Richard 'The Old Man' Harrison on 'Pawn Stars' / Via http://tumblr

Richard "The Old Man" Harrison opened the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in 1988. He is known now for being able to appraise anything, and being the hard to please father on the reality show based on his shop, Pawn Stars.

3. Gary Busey on 'Celebrity Apprentice' / Via http://The%20Apprentice%20NBC%20Tumblr

Gary Busey became famous for portaying Buddy Holly, but then became reality TV famous for his crazy ramblings and wide-eyed antics. He is currently on the Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars, being as wild as ever.

2. Shirley from 'Forever Young'

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Shirley was a former showgirl in Vegas and is currently one of the stars of Forever Young on Wednesday nights at 10PM/9C on TV Land. She's spunky, hilarious and learning a ton living in a house with 5 seniors and 5 20 somethings. The above video is full of hilarious one-liners from her advice web series Shirley Says.

1. Betty White 'Off Their Rockers'

Via http://tumblr

Betty White is America's Most Appealing Celebrity which is impressive seeing as her and her pals are spending their time punking people on her NBC show Off Their Rockers. Betty is not only a reality tv star, but she's also starring in the TV Land sitcom Hot In Cleveland -- that returns LIVE on June 19th!