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18 Times You Couldn't Deal

Can't. Even. Imagine moving in with your mom, just like Jaime Pressly on Jennifer Falls. Tune in tonight on TV Land!

1. When your roommate finishes your fancy cheese that you spent most of work dreaming about.

2. When someone tells you to relax.

Annie Goodman / BuzzFeed

3. When cooking oil randomly splatters all over your favorite shirt.

4. When your shower only has two modes: burning or freezing your face off.

5. When you finally go to the gym, only to realize you forgot your sneakers at home.

6. When someone exiting the subway turnstile won't let you go first, so you miss the train.

7. When there is no mirror in the bathroom, and you need to see if your pimple has developed.

8. When your friend is so late to dinner that you lose your reservation.

9. When you can't reach something on a top shelf without tipping everything over.

10. When the weather report says 65 degrees, but you didn't account for humidity and are suddenly sweating everywhere.

11. When the lunch you bring to work leaks all over your bag.

12. When you're late and can't hook the clasp on your jewelry.

13. When you suddenly realize your skirt has been tucked into your tights for half the day.

14. When you finally get to the bar an hour from your house, but you forgot your ID.

15. When you eat spaghetti and little red tomato sauce flecks get all over you.

16. When you're finally in bed, but forgot to turn your lights off.

17. When your phone falls between seats in your car, and you can't reach it.

18. And of course, the worst of them all, when your sock slips off your foot in your shoe.