M*A*S*H Trivia: By The Fans, For The Fans

We asked and you answered. In droves. Here are some of the best trivia questions submitted by our fans on Facebook. Join us to chat with M*A*S*H fans just like you!

Q: What was the name of Hawkeye’s father?

submitted by Josie Wunderlich

A: Daniel Pierce

Q: Who went through college on a scholarship from Burma Shave?

submitted by CT Ware

A: BJ Hunnicutt

Q: What was buried outside the camp that Frank thought was a land mine?

submitted by JD Carnahan

A: A pot of kimchee.

Q: In the pilot episode, Hawkeye and Trapper auction off a date with one of the nurses. What is her nickname?

submitted by Edward Lynch

A: Lieutenant Dish.

Q: In what year did Colonel Potter become a surgeon?

submitted by Jim Osterman

A: 1932.

Q: Who played Father Mulcahy in the pilot episode?

submitted by Sue Ann

A: George Morgan

Q: What favorite restaurant of Klinger’s in Toledo is mentioned in several episodes?

submitted by Bud Starcher

Q: What was Radar’s middle name?

submitted by Steven Rettig

A: Eugene

Q: What was the name of the “independent state” that Hawkeye and BJ created in season 7?

submitted by Tami Lynch

A: Rosie Land.

Q: Who was the only actor to appear on every episode of M*A*S*H?

submitted by Glenn Wickert

A: Alan Alda.

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