Emmy Awards Time Machine

Follow us back in time to enjoy your favorite stars throughout the years at the Emmy Awards

Did you know that Desi Arnaz was never nominated? Think the kisses from his co-stars made up for it?

Did you know that while Don Knotts received multiple Emmy Awards for his portrayal of Barney Fife, Andy Griffith was never nominated?

Bill Cosby always took his name out of contention for an individual Emmy Award, but The Cosby Show won for best comedy series in 1985.

Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore both won in 1964!

Laurie Metcalf won three times for her work on Roseanne; Roseanne only won once.

The very talented Peter Boyle was the only featured member of the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond not to win an individual award. The show won best comedy series in 2005.

John Ritter won his for Three’s Company in 1984. He was up for the award posthumously in 2004, but Kelsey Grammer won that year.

Alan Alda’s win for writing the “Inga” episode of M*A*S*H gave him the trifecta: he won in 1974 for best actor (the same year the show won) and 1977 for best directing.

2005 saw both James Spader and William Shatner win for their work in Boston Legal.

In addition to winning best drama in 1958, both Dennis Weaver and Milburn Stone won individual Emmy Awards for their work in Gunsmoke.

All of these Emmy winners and the amazing shows they starred in can be seen on TV Land each week. Go to http://www.tvland.com/tv-schedule to see when your favorite airs and remember to make sure you know what channel we’re on where you live!

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