Classic TV’s Best Pets! Our Favorite Pet Friends From Our Favorite Shows!

It’s not fair that Lassie gets all the attention when most of our favorite TV characters had pets. You might not remember all of their names, but how could you forget their adorable faces (even the fish)? How many of these TV pets do you remember?

Spot, the “talking dog,” from The Andy Griffith Show shown weekdays at 11:30AM/10:30C.

Little Ricky lived in a house that had a canary, a frog, a lizard, and some goldfish, but he really wanted this dog! Watch I Love Lucy episodes every weekday morning at 10:30AM/9:30C.

Lamont, Rudy Huxtable’s beloved but doomed goldfish on The Cosby Show, starting Monday, September 10 at 8PM/7C.

Shamsky Number Two wasn’t adored by Debra, but Robert gave him a good home on Everybody Loves Raymond shown every night at 9PM/8C.

Not the pet Kitty was expecting, but she named him Fred and decorated a fishbowl for him on That ’70s Show! Catch episodes nightly at 5AM/4C!

How could no one want this adorable little guy? He’s not allowed in the building until Mrs. Roper believes he’s an anniversary present! See more weeknights at 3:30AM/2:30C.

Catch all your favorite TV pets starring in classic episodes of The Andy Griffith Show, I Love Lucy, The Cosby Show, Everybody Loves Raymond, That ’70s Show, and Three’s Company on TV Land. Find out what channel we’re on where you live at

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