Bill Cosby’s Thanksgiving Lessons

No one gives thanks for food better than Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show. Learn more from Bill Cosby Sunday, December 1st by watcing the Cosby Show marathon on TV Land at 5PM/4C featuring Bill Cosby’s favorite episodes, followed by an encore of Special “Far From Finished” at 10PM/9C - only on TV Land.

1. Start The Day With A Healthy Breakfast..

but don’t expect everyone to save some coffee for you if you sleep in.

2. Consider Grilling The Turkey This Year

Throw that turkey on the grill with some salad and dessert - Boom! Thanksgiving BBQ is served.

3. ..Or Keep Your Current Turkey Tradition

Food traditions are important. Don’t change a traditional meal people are expecting without warning. Hanger (hunger + anger) is a real emotion and can ruin holidays.

4. Practice Makes For Perfect Turkey Slices

Don’t just slice into the turkey, test your skills on a cabbage while doing a Julia Child impersonation.

5. Make Yourself Comfortable

Get a giant drink, use a cutting board instead of a plate, and sit on the floor — no need to ruin the couch with festive spills.

6. Show Your Food Just How Thankful You Are

Nothing says thankful more than this. Practice this move and teach your family how to really give thanks for the turkey this year.

7. Make Sure There Are Some Nutritional Parts Of The Meal

The children will be singing your praises!

8. Save Room For Dessert

Because, as we all know, there is ALWAYS room for jell-o.

9. Make Sandwiches From The Leftovers

But do not eat your hoagies before bed..
Or maybe you should so you’ll have dreams featuring The Muppets. It’s your choice.

10. Thank Dr. Bill Cosby For All He’s Taught You

TV Land is playing Bill Cosby’s Top 10 Favorite Episodes of The Cosby Show on December 1st starting at 5PM/4C leading up to an encore of “Far From Finished” Bill Cosby’s latest stand-up special!

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