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Backstage At TV Land's Legends Of TV Panel

It was a crazy group of TV Legends that assembled in front of an audiences of TV lovers on Thursday, July 18th at Comic Con. So what exactly do you get when you cross legendary Star Trek Captain, and Hot In Cleveland Guest Star, William Shatner, with The Exe's Wayne Knight, AND Roseanne Barr? Amazing moments and tidbits of TV History, that's what.

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Stars, Just Like Us!

Roseanne drinks Starbucks before heading onto a panel to discuss her work in front of hundreds of people.. Okay, so maybe that's not your typical day, but nothing here is typical. Wayne and Roseanne are watching a clip of William Shatner's appearance on Hot in Cleveland: Hot Live!

While getting ready to hop on the stage, Roseanne was chatting with Wayne about how she was excited to chat with 'The Shat.' She vowed to refer to William Shatner as Shat during the panel. Five minutes later, she was on stage doing just that.

We Found Tom Green

Backstage after the panel, I was roaming around taking some candid pictures and wandered into what was probably the most wonderful random meet up ever.

William Shatner was chatting in the corner with Tom Green about how he believes Tom should get out there and do more stand-up comedy. Unfortunately, the conversation ended there because Carrie Keagan wanted to reintroduce herself to Tom, and then Tom saw Wayne standing there and went over to say hello as well. I really wish I had seen more of the Shatner Career Counseling.

When I recounted this story to friends everyone's response was the same. "Wait, Tom Green? Where the hell has that guy been?!" Waiting for some advice from Shatner is my guess.

Shat In The Hat

So what did the stars do after their panel? Well, Roseanne was most eager to go around and see all that Comic Con had to offer. Wayne had to catch a flight back to LA, and Shatner, well he wanted to sail away. He put on this hat, gathered his things, and hoped to be able to make it through the hotel without getting mobbed. Think he was over thinking it? Not at all, as I walked with him there were a couple of people who ran up to him asking him to take picture with him. One kid, who was really obnoxious said, "What do you want money for a pic? I'm poor but I'd give you a quarter." Shatner ignored him, but once he was behind the curtain did seem to feel bad. "If I stop for one, it will turn into a hundred," and I believe him.

Behind him on the screen is the Workaholics panel. We shared a backstage area with them since TV Land and Comedy Central are both Viacom networks.

If you want more from our panelists, you can watch Wayne Knight every Wednesday at 10:30PM/9:30C on 'The Exes'. Roseanne is working on writing a new show that she hopes to launch in 2014, but for now you can catch repeats of 'Roseanne' every weekend on TV Land. As you wait for Shatner's new album, you can watch his performance on Hot Live on TV right now!