8 Ways TV Will Find You The Perfect Halloween Costume

Halloween’s just around the corner, but don’t worry if you don’t have a costume yet. While all your friends dress as Kim and Kanye, you can make a bolder statement by dressing like some of these awesome TV characters!

1. The Cosby Show

Vanessa Huxtable and her friend got creative with the costumes. We especially like the headpieces!

2. Everybody Loves Raymond

In an inside-joke, Peter Boyle dresses up as Frankenstein for the Everybody Loves Raymond Halloween Candy episode – Peter Boyle played the Frankenstein monster in the movie Young Frankenstein.

3. Three’s Company

We love these three for really giving it their all in dressing up like Jack, Chrissy, and Janet!

4. M*A*S*H

These may be a little predictable, but we give kudos to the staff of M*A*S*H for getting such great costumes in the middle of a war!

5. Boston Legal

Yes, you’re seeing that correctly: James Spader and William Shatner dressed as flamingos!

6. That ’70s Show

He’s no Tim Curry, but Fez gets a major A for effort!

7. Home Improvement

Nothing says Happy Halloween like a massive head wound!

But we all know the show that had the most fun with Halloween was Roseanne. Do you remember…

9. DJ as The Terminator

10. Becky as a half-dead prom queen

11. Darlene as the “after” shot from The Birds

12. Dan as Marie Antoinette

13. Roseanne as Prince!

TV Land is showing the best Halloween episodes between now and the 31st including ALL of the Roseanne Halloween episodes airing this Saturday, October 26 from 3-6AM ET and again from 1PM-6PM ET on Sunday.

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