14 Videos Of The Most Awesome People Over 65

It only takes a little creativity and a lust for life to stay forever young. These seniors show us how it’s done while making us smile.

1. If You’re Gonna Live, You Might As Well Live Mas!

From midnight pool parties to spinning hot tracks, the swinging seniors from the Glencobrooke Retirement Home defy stereotypes and expectations as they party the night away!

2. 50 Shades of Takei

As if everything George Takei did wasn’t already amazing, his reading of the bestselling novel shows just how brilliant his sense of humor is!

3. Abe Vigoda and Betty White: Gridiron Matchup

While I wouldn’t recommend a rowdy game of tackle football to all the seniors out there, this hilarious commercial likely got more people up and at ‘em!

4. Tina Turner: Words Can Hardly Describe It

Tina Turner busts a move like women a quarter of her age. She still knows how to shimmy and shake and belt out a song like the timeless superstar she is!

5. Is Tony Bennett A Little Monster?

Bennett is 86 but he hasn’t slowed down for a second. He’s been getting inspiration from a new generation of musicians who, in return, get mentored by one of the greatest crooners to have ever lived.

6. Cloris Leachman Dances The Mambo

In addition to starring on Raising Hope, this legendary comedienne took to Dancing With The Stars to prove that you’re never to old to swing your hips and shake it!

7. James Earl Jones Becomes A Belieber

With a voice like none other and a wicked sense of humor, when Gayle King asks the inimitable James Earl Jones to read from Justin Bieber’s “Baby Baby Baby,” he jumps right in and gives a performance with just the right amount of self-deprecation.

8. Vote For Mayor Adam West

As the Mayor of Quahog on Family Guy, Adam West is delivering laughs to an entirely new generation - fans who have likely never seen an episode of Batman. His bumbling, possibly insane, mayor is a highlight of a show that considers humor universal at any age.

9. Oh, James…

Sir Roger Moore won’t let being 85 stop him from flirting with his interviewer in a most James Bond-esque way!

10. Dumbledore Burns Rubber

Harry Potter star Michael Gambon may not be the fastest “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” on Top Gear, but though he’s one of the oldest, he still gets into the game. His initial performance was so inspiring, they named one of the track’s corners after him!

11. Show Your Parents This (The Next Time They Make Fun Of Gaming)

Because that’s Max Von Sydow voicing a character in the video game Skyrim. Not many people can claim both that and Ingmar Bergman on their resumes!

12. You Wish They Were Your Grandparents

Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller, in addition to conquering the great unknown that is twitter (find them @STILLERandMEARA), prove that humor keeps a couple young and fresh and still very much in love!

13. The World According To Stan

It seems that the thing our happening senior friends know how to do best is poke fun of themselves. Comic book genius and cult hero Stan Lee, takes aim at his own legend when he makes this video pointing out how movies got their endings wrong and how he knows what the right endings should have been.

14. Forever Young Premieres April 3 On TV Land

So now that we know how cool old can be, what will happen when five seniors and five twentysomethings share a house and compete in challenges? The all-new reality series from Katalyst’s Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg premieres on TV Land on April 3!

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