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12 Reasons To Watch Our 12 Hour SNL Marathon

Here's a quick reminder as to why you should take some time for you this Labor Day Weekend and just tell the fam, "Leave me alone! I finally don't have to stay-up late to watch Saturday Night Live and I wanna enjoy every minute."

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Mary Katherine Gallagher's Monologues


Our love for Mary Katherine Gallagher can best be expressed by using the 1990s Seinfeld catch phrase...yadda yadda yadda she's great.

Because Bill Brasky is One Hell Of A Guy!


Why not grab a beer and chill on your couch toasting Bill Brasky and the amazing facts about the unseen businessman super hero?

Remember when Justin Bieber was an innocent pop star?


and then Tina Fey played a teacher that made him, well, in the words of a fellow pop-child-star, not that innocent.

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