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16 Indispensable Life Hacks For Surviving Your Twenties

Your twenties are a crucial time in your life, and sometimes you need a little guidance to make it through. Fortunately, when it comes to taxes, TurboTax makes it easy.

1. Always use good manners. Don't be a meanie.

2. Don't waste your time comparing your life to others' lives.

3. Wait a day to send that angry text or email. Restraint is key.

4. Family is everything. Keep them by your side no matter what.

When your dad is there to encourage you at the big game and he loves you

5. If they don't believe in you, let them go. You have no room for negativity in your life.

6. Don't wait. You don't have time to wait. Speak up.

7. Fall in love. It's worth it.

8. Exercise. The sooner you start to exercise regularly, the easier it becomes.

9. Establish healthy eating habits. Learn to cook, and avoid the garbage that makes you feel like garbage.

10. Make small efforts. Baby steps.

11. It's OK to be afraid. If you're afraid, then it's probably worth doing.

12. Your job doesn't define who you are. Remember that.

13. Never stop learning.

14. Start saving your money.

15. TRAVEL. This can't be emphasized enough. See the world in which you live and step out of your daily bubble. It will change your life.

16. Do what makes you happy.

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