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15 Problems That Should've Been Solved By Now TBH

Why is 2016 so hard? At least this year has done one thing right: letting TurboTax simplify your taxes.

1. When a 15-second video starts buffering AND IT'S NOT EVEN HD WTF.

2. The fact that most airlines don't even offer free inflight Wi-Fi???

3. And nope, you still can't untext a text.

4. Meanwhile, bunch of ATMs continue to use an operating system that came out in 2001.

5. No matter what you do, your headphones STILL wind up in a tangled rat king of cords and earbuds...

6. ...and then yank themselves out of your ears at the earliest opportunity.

7. Hair dryers and vacuums are still loud AF.

8. "What's your fax number?" is something people continue to ask for some reason.

9. In 2016, it's literally impossible to go a day without plugging your phone into a wall...

10. ...and somehow they're not waterproof yet? C'mon!

11. We're still guessing and plugging USB cables like peasants until we get the new ~reversible~ adapters.

12. How about the fact that when you haven't updated your phone, all the emojis look like ▢▢▢ or this:

13. Why... Seriously, WHY can't we deselect elevator buttons yet?

14. A little wind and rain, and our satellite dish is still like, peace out. ✌️

15. Finally, somehow we're still copying numbers from our W-2 form manually?

Nvm, 2016 has done one thing right — TurboTax makes taxes simple by letting you do stuff like this: