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12 Things All People Who Love Spicy Foods Know To Be True

No lip balm after buffalo wings! Spicy food has its rewards, and for that pesky heartburn there's always TUMS Chewies.

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1. Everything is better with hot sauce. / Via

There are no exceptions.

2. Jalapeños in all the drinks please.

Paprika optional and preferred and thank you.
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Paprika optional and preferred and thank you.

3. Milk is your friend.

Fake Kahn / Buzzfeed

His archenemy, water, is not.

4. Always have emergency bread on hand.


Useful for spicy emergencies as well as sandwich emergencies.

5. Clearing up your sinuses can be fun!

Tyler Naugle / Buzzfeed what you tell yourself as you cry over your kamikaze buffalo wings.

6. One person's hot is another person's mild.


You got spicy swagger!

7. Your stomach can handle anything!


Or so you'd like to think.

8. Sweating is a mild price to pay for spicy satisfaction.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Be one with the sweat. You are the sweat. There is no sweat.

9. You must fear and respect the Carolina Reaper.


The hottest pepper in the world could bring you down if you're not careful.

10. There is crying in cooking (when they're tears of spicy joy)! / Via

Sure, it's emotional, but at least you've lived.

11. Don't let them see that you're burning on the inside. / Via

You have a reputation to uphold... you sissy.



The only exception is if— NO! NEVER.

The best poutine is a spicy poutine.

Courtesy of Grey

And the worst poutine is— nope, no such thing.