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Which Of The 4 Gals Are You?

Are you Manhattan-queen Janna? Brooklyn quirky Io? Tulah by day, DJ by night? or Mom sensible Ayla?

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  1. How important is your family to you?

    Very important!!!
    OMG they're annoying
    I try my best to avoid them
    They are wacky but fantastic
  2. How many friends do you have?

    A few good ones, trying to make some more
    A lot in different circles
    Some here and there
    Never enough!
  3. What is your go-to fave meal?

    A dank salad
    any form of noodle
    a dank sandwich
  4. How often do you exercise?

    I try every day, I love it!
    as much as I can
    oops I haven't been the best about it, but I want to more
  5. What are you studying in school?

    something STEM
    Social Sciences
  6. What is a big flaw of yours?

    being overly dramatic
    talking too much and loudly
    overanalyzing everything
    being too controlling
  7. What is your aesthetic?

    whatever cool clothes I find!
    an assortment of cute tops and leggings
    jeans and a t-shirt?
    leggings and a shirt/sweater
  8. What is your fave type of music?

    Normal pop music
    Alternative shit
    Chill music
  9. What do you do on a typical Saturday night?

    it changes weekly! whatever cool event there is
    probably partying with my team
    probably netflixin
    either in bed by 9pm or partying with some friends
  10. What are your plans after college?

    grad school
    yikes let's not think about that
    maybe the peace corps or something?
    maybe work for a bit, then grad school
  11. How's your love life

    i get out there a fair amount
    i love myself/food more than others
    *sweats nervously*
    still overanalyzing the wave that my crush did in my direction 2 months ago

Which Of The 4 Gals Are You?

You got: Janna

You are Janna! You are loud, stubborn, derpy, and also loyal to the bone, affectionate, loving. You hit the city streets mostly to get food or to go to museums. You are very curious and intellectual, and love discussing history as much as discussing gossip or giving life advice.

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You got: Ayla

You are Ayla! You are organized, sometimes anal, and definitely a leader. You don't let others stand in your way of what you want, though you are willing to compromise to avoid a fight. You are incredibly loyal to all friends and are good at expressing your care for them with frequent check-ups. You probably send snapchats about the weather or what food you are eating. You don't mind doing the dishes or cleaning up after people which overjoys others.

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You got: Io

You are Io! You are quirky, extroverted, intellectual and curious. You are always very considerate of others and try to be very accommodating, so much that sometimes you waste time worrying about others' needs before your own. You probably never text your friends or check things regularly, but that doesn't mean you don't think about your friends or care about them.

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You got: Tulah

You are Tulah! You are extroverted, goofy, bold. You speak your mind and sometimes can be harsh. Even so, you yourself can be incredibly sensitive to others' opinions, and you overanalyze everything. You probably use too much slang. You are often the life of the party, but when you're in a bad mood, everyone knows.

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