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Top 20 Worst Game-Show Answers Ever!

When there are thousands of dollars on the line sometimes people just freeze. Check out what we consider the absolute dumbest responses we have ever heard from people on television!

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2. Name an animal with three letters in it's name?

Answer: Alligator

3. Name a time that most people wake up?

Answer: In the Morning

5. During what months of pregnancy does a woman begin to look pregnant?

Answer: September

6. Name something that a burglar would not want to break into a house and see?

Answer: A Naked Grandma

7. Real or fictional, name a famous "Willie"?

Answer: Willie-the-pooh

8. Name something that follows the word "pork"?

Answer: "U-pine"

going for porcupine

9. Name something that comes with a summer storm?

Answer: Snow

13. Name a reason why you might stay indoors on a beautiful day?

Answer: Because it is raining

16. Name a place on your body that a doctor might look into with a flashlight?

Answer: Butt

17. Besides a bird, name something inside a birdcage?

Answer: A Hamster

18. Name an animal whose eggs you would probably never eat for breakfast?

Answer: A Hamster

19. Name something that's better than being rich?

Answer: Poor

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