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11 Things You’ll Understand If You Learn By Doing Vs. Reading

Doers doing what doers do best! Wanna do more? Texas State Technical College offers a wide range of degrees that allow students to get hands-on.

1. You definitely identify as a "visual thinker."

2. The concept of reading instructions in order to get something done? That's a nonstarter for you.

3. You'd much prefer to get crafty than feel restrained by stringent rules.

4. When someone else mandates instructions, you definitely have a hard time following along.

5. Your most leaned-upon tactic is trial and error.

6. You've definitely been described as a "creative type."

7. You're always ready to try something new.

8. And you're the first to volunteer in any situation that calls for one.

9. You're inquisitive.

10. You understand that failing at something is really the only way to get better at it.

11. Ultimately, you've gained a ton of experience from being a doer, and you know it's made you a well-rounded worker.

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