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10 High-Paying Jobs That Are Possible Through A Technical College

Get paid well to design video games? Don't mind if I do. Find the perfect program for you at Texas State Technical College.

All salaries included in this list reflect the median salary in the state of Texas for that profession through data collected by O*NET Online.

1. HVAC Installer β€” $47,610/year

2. Cybersecurity Technician β€” $58,230/year

3. Diesel Engine Specialist β€” $47,350/year

4. Electrical Lineworker β€” $70,910/year

5. Electrical Engineering Technicians β€”$64,330/year

6. Cloud Computing Analyst β€” $88,740/year

7. Computer Networking Systems Administrator β€” $82,050/year

8. Electrical Power and Control Repairers β€” $80,200/year

9. Industrial Systems Technician β€” $64,330/year

10. Precision Machining Programmer β€” $53,190/year

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There are plenty of programs you can enroll in at Texas State Technical College to lead you to the job you want. Find the one that's perfect for you!