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12 Thoughts And Speculations I Had After Seeing The Preview For Episode 4 Of Game Of Thrones Season 7

HBO has finally released the preview for next week's episode and I am sensing more reunions!

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1. As you've probably read from spoilers, Episode 3 ended with Olenna dying as the Queen of Shade.


"Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me." Maaaan, Olenna throws shade better than anyone else in Westeros. This lady will be missed.

2. As I was saying, the previous episode was so good I am afraid episode 4 cannot keep up.

4. It looks like Cersei will get the loan from Mycroft... ahem sorry ... Tycho Nestoris of Iron Bank.

If and only if Jaime gets the gold to King's Landing

7. And both Targaryens are seen entering a cave... probably to find love and/or dragonglass

Jon and Dany shippers, do not lose hope! I repeat, DO NOT LOSE HOPE!

11. Episode 4 Reunion Speculation #2: Arya Stark and Winterfell

At exactly 0:22-0:23 of the preview, there's a girl who seems to be looking at Winterfell...Who could this be? For now, let's hope it is Arya.

12. I therefore conclude that this season will be all about REUNIONS!

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