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Amazing Street Art You Need To See

You'll be tempted to leave your mark in these cities.

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Mexico City, Mexico

Instagram: @streetart_chilango

Mexico has a long history of public art with murals, so it's natural that the city embraces street art. With the help of social media users, @streetart_chilango is building an interactive map where you can find great pieces.

Valencia, Spain

Instagram: @trvsndvl

It might be unexpected, but this overlooked Spanish town is the meeting point of modern street art and classic ceramic tile.

Lisbon, Portugal

Instagram: @lisbon

The city of Lisbon commissioned artists to bring new life to old buildings. Follow for more.

Melbourne, Australia

Instagram: @visitmelbourne

Melbourne was named the Stencil Capital of the World and held the first stencil art festival in 2004.

Berlin, Germany

Instagram: @berlinstreetartguide

It's difficult to find a spot in Berlin that hasn't been touched by street artists. You can hit up tourist spots like the East Side Gallery or wander through neighborhoods. If you're easily overwhelmed, @berlinstreetartguide is sharing the art they find on the Berlin streets.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Instagram: @bastreetart

South America's European city has a welcoming view of graffiti, making it a destination for street art lovers. Abandoned buildings left over from the country's military dictatorship have been transformed into popular tourist destinations with the help of art. Get a glimpse of this vibrant scene at @bastreetart.

Montreal, Canada

Instagram: @streetartinmtl

The cultural capital of Quebec, Montreal's creativity bursts onto the city streets. Get a good look at the photos collected by@streetartinmtl.

Istanbul, Turkey

Instagram: @istanbulstreetart

The crossroads of Europe and Asia, Istanbul has a rich street art scene. Get a preview at @istanbulstreetart.

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