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The Carbonaro Effect Ep. 106 GIF Recap: The Lizard Law

What is THE LIZARD LAW? In this episode, Michael Carbonaro poses as a server in a Tex-Mex restaurant, a temporary employee on break, and a realtor whose specialty is unreality. And if our congressman was responsible for a law that caused these kinds of drain infestations, we're voting for the other guy.

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Instant Tortillas

Like microwave popcorn, except totally impossible.

If this was a cartoon, this lady would stare at what she just saw, and then throw away her glass of wine.

Snake Pit


This kid would have been great in that scene with all the snakes from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Vegan Diet

The old rose petal omelette. Classic.

Open up and say "OMG"

I Can't Believe What I Just Thaw

Michael brings a frozen fish back to life. Now if he could just get it to sing "Take Me To The River" we'd have a novelty item that sells.

Don't flip out. The fish has that covered.

Bagged Lunch Treasure Chest

This is the kind of thing Mary Poppins would do, if she ate like a goddamed pig.

This guy is currently wondering if he got the Jell-O that was laced with something.

Plunging Into Horror

That awkward moment when a plunger brings up something even worse than poop.

Clearly, she's new to the realtor game.

The Carbonaro Effect airs Thursdays at 10/9c on truTV!